I confess

From the first moment that I opened my blog, I decided that I would be true to myself and to the people that would read it. Well, here it goes, the truth and only the truth. I am in love with the world, with adventures, with traveling, with the idea of living life on the edge and out of my comfort zone, of living here and there, exploring new places, living abroad. This is all true and it all comes from my heart. But until now, the most part of these desires have remained just that. Desires. I don’t want to be ungrateful for the things I have already experienced. I have had amazing trips in my country and have visited beautiful places, which I had no idea existed. But right now, I vowed to myself that I will only speak the truth and accept some things that I have been ashamed to tell anyone who doesn’t know me. That’s because I claim to be an adventurous person, someone who loves to travel. Today I confess:

  • I have never been on an airplane (not because I am afraid or because I get sick)
  • I have never traveled by ferry and never been on a cruise
  • The only countries I have ever visited are Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bulgaria. (these are all neighboring countries so it is easy to go by car)

I am thankful everyday that I have had the chance to see these countries and I am aware that it may be more than some people will ever get to see. But I cannot stop here. I will not stop here. Especially when I know that it has been my heart’s desire since a little kid to explore the world and to live abroad for some time or even for the rest of my life.

So I made my confession. I am not the traveler I want to be yet. But I can never give up my dream.

I am 27 years old and I have never been on an airplane. I am currently waiting to get the job of my dreams, or at least the one that’s gonna get me closer to my dream. And when that will happen, another adventure will begin.


2 thoughts on “I confess

  1. Good luck on your traveling dreams! Not everyone is able to travel often or very far and that is okay. You are still an adventurer for dreaming. At least I think so 🙂


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