The city of Flowers

Permet is called the city of flowers, I had heard. After an invitation from some friends I decided to find that out for myself. Departing from Tirana, the capital, the journey wasn’t so long, just 4 hours and as I am used to even longer journeys by car, this seemed nothing. It had been a long time since I had been at that part of the south, along river Vjosa.

We arrived at night, around 9 o’clock and after looking for a hotel, we finally found one with free rooms and I have to say that I was very much surprised of the fact that all the hotels were full. I wasn’t aware that Permet had so many tourists during this period.


The Why, I found out next day in the morning. Just 3 kilometers away from the city, there was Benje, where you could find the natural thermal water pools that besides the beauties they have, they also possess healing powers for arthritis, the bones, stomach, skin and heart. They’re not magical of course, but you could easily believe you were in a magical land. The first thing that really got me was the stony bridge, which you had to pass in order to get to the pools. Or you could cross the river by foot if the cold water doesn’t bother you.





On the road back to the city we decided to explore on the road, so we made a stop and were really glad to do so, because we found the bridge that donkey and Shrek passed to go rescue Fiona from the castle guarded by the dragon. O.K, O.K, it was not the same bridge and it didn’t lead to Fiona, but it was as scary as that one, except there was no lava under it, just the clear blue water of the river.



And on the way home we also made a stop in anther city, Tepelene to get a picture at the statue of Ali Pashe Tepelena, the Pasha of the southern part of Albania from 1784, during Ottoman Empire domination from 1784 to 1822.


What can I say other than thank you Albania!