Life in the middle of Death

Recently I became part of something I had thought of many times before. I have always wanted to join a volunteer group for big causes such as helping people in need, protecting the environment or animals, wildlife and sea life. Today that was made possible. I am not rich, nor have I all the things that I wanted, but I know that I have a lot to give to people more unfortunate than me.

When I first heard of the idea that my cousin and some of her friends wanted to start a Non Profit Organization and gather volunteers to help families in need and sick children, I immediately decided I wanted to be part of that. And today I really can say I am part of  this endeavor called “Heart & Soul”, which is trying to make a difference in the lives of people that are in real difficulties, who live in miserable conditions.

Today the first step towards this cause was taken. It was a small step, but you know what they say: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Small step after another we want to start this journey and continue until at least some of the lives we touch will change.

Those families we helped today were living in such poor conditions it was hard to believe until you saw that for yourself. We distributed food, water and clothes to the families, but what we tried to give today was more than that. We tried to give love and restore the lost hope. And I also got so much in return because what I experienced today made me see clearly how blessed I am and how many things I have to be grateful for.

Today I had  a different kind of travel, not even close to the ones I am used to. Other journeys took me places that took my breath away, but this is just a saying. During this journey, my breath was literally taken away by what I did not only see, but smell among the dirt and trash, the illness and the huts they had to call home. Little children playing with stones and whatever they could find to create a game, walking barefoot on a ground full of ants, but with a smile on their face as if nothing was missing from their lives.


These people are a part of our world and if we want to make the world a better place, we have to help everyone we can, even if it is with a hug, a smile and love.